November 17-19, 2017
Crowne Plaza Hotel
5321 Date Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95841

Friday 2pm - 10pm
Saturday 8am - 10pm
Sunday 8am - 3pm

Vendor Hall Hours:
Saturday: 10 am - 6 pm
Sunday: 10 am - 3 pm



 (These are panels from a previous convention. This year’s panels and events should be up to date by October 1, 2017)

trek50-thumbWhere No Fan has Gone Before: 50 years of Star Trek Fandom
Star Trek has evolved a lot over the past 50 years and so has it’s fans.  Join the officers of the USS Independence as they explore the evolution of Star Trek’s fandom over the course of it’s 50 year history.  From grassroots to reinvention and beyond!

Moderated by: TBA
Time/Location: Saturday TBA / TBA


WomenWomen of Star Trek
The women of Star Trek have always displayed a balance of power and beauty.  Join this discussion exploring the evolution of the role of women in Star Trek from Uhura’s position as Communications Officer to Captain Janeway’s command of Voyager.

Moderated by: TBA
Time/Location: TBA


Axenar Axanar Preview / Q&A
This amazing fan film follows the exploits of Captain Garth and the famous Battle of Axanar.  Meet the team behind this ground-breaking film and catch a sneak peak.

Hosted by: Axanar Team
Time/Location: TBA


1c59a5b155e8a2c5b18446b933d979e5IDIC: Vulcan Philosophy in Today’s World
How would Vulcans view present day Earth?  Come hear from Vulcan ambassadors as they analyze the state of the world today.

Moderated by: TBA
Time/Location: Sunday 1pm / Magnolia Room


DarylAnthropology of Star Trek
This discussion explores some of the cultural themes mirrored in the Star Trek universe, along with their historical context. Discussion focuses on Star Trek and the exploration of the human condition, the role of the human in culture, and how Star Trek acts as contemporary mythos in our world.

Moderated by: Daryl Frazetti
Time/Location: TBA


Klingon_Symbol_001Way of the Warrior: The Klingon Guide to Life
What does it mean to be Klingon?  How does one live like a Klingon?  Learn the ways of this strong and honorable race!

Moderated by: TBA
Time/Location: TBA


Federation screen HQA Consortium of Errors: A Comical Debate Between Species
A summit has been called between several races of our galaxy.  Watch as Humans, Klingons, Vulcans, Romulans, and more engage in verbal combat in this hilarious panel.

Hosted by: TBA
Time/Location: TBA


DarylCulture of Star Trek Fandom
This discussion focuses on the various areas of the culture in the format of an ethnographic study.   It  explores the unique mythos, ideology, and worldview of Trek fandom. What makes a Trekkie? A Trekker?  Or other fan terminlogy? What is a purist or an existentialist fan? Join in for some linguistic analysis and insight.

Moderated by: TBA
Time/Location: TBA


www.daniel-bearman.com__1Star Trek vs. Star Wars: Battle Royal
The classic debate rages on in this town hall style open forum!

Hosted by: TBA
Time/Location: TBA








Artemis Bridge Simulator
Serve aboard a starship and man your battle stations in this bridge simulator!

Hosted By: USS Loma Prieta
Time/Location: TBA


P1370447-XLCostume Contest
Get your cosplay on!  Come compete against fellow fans for a chance to win prizes and bragging rights!

Judges: TBA
Time/Location: Saturday 6pm / Cherry Wood Room



Holodeck After Party
Come party with fellow fans!  Drinks, food, dancing, trivia, and fun!
Time/Location: Friday 8pm / Arbor Grille Restaurant


RenegadesStar Trek: Renegades Screening / Q&A
Directed by Tim Russ and starring a horde of Trek alumni, this fan film is the pilot of an upcoming web series about the Federation’s last hope.

Q&A by: Tim Russ
Time/Location: TBA



Programming subject to change.