Special Events (Role-playing)

Special Guests: Paizo Inc.

Robert G. McCreary

Robert G. McCreary is an award-winning game designer, developer, and the Creative Director and co-creator of the Starfinder RPG. He was a design lead for the Starfinder Core Rulebook, as well as the author of Incident at Absalom Station, the first volume of Starfinder’s inaugural Dead Suns Adventure Path. Before Starfinder, Rob was a development lead for the Pathfinder Adventure Path, and the author of dozens of adventures and other products for the Pathfinder RPG. Rob has had a lifelong interest in science fiction and history, the latter no doubt influenced by years spent living abroad.

Amanda Hamon

The managing developer for the Starfinder RPG at Paizo Inc., Amanda Hamon is an award-winning tabletop game designer, developer, and editor. Her game design, adventure writing, and narrative work has appeared in dozens of releases and titles, including as Starfinder’s co-creator. In addition to waxing nerdy about fantasy worldbuilding traditions and theory, she has spoken extensively about intersectional feminism in relation to gaming. You can find Amanda on Twitter at @amandahamon.

 Starfinder Society Scenario 2-00: Fate of the Scoured God

For levels 1-12: A divine herald raises an army in opposition to the rest of the galaxy. Heroes must stand together to oppose a growing evil from the Scoured Stars.
Released at Origins Game Fair, this multi-table interactive special is only available by special permission from the Paizo Organized Play Manager from Origins (in June) through GenCon (in August).