Special Events

Special Events (Non-Gaming)

ConQuest SAC Geek Boutique

Our Artist Alley and Vendor Hall are open FREE to the public, we just ask that you register at the end.

ConQuest Flea Market:

  • The Flea Market will be held on Sunday at Noon.
  • Seller registration takes place at Convention Registration.
  • Flea Market setup begins at 11am sharp. No early birds.
  • A limited number of tables are available.
  • To purchase a Flea Market table, you must have purchased a weekend pass to the show. GMs, Staff, and Volunteers can purchase any tables still remaining after 6pm on Saturday.
  • The only things allowed to be sold are old games and game parts. No other items can be sold, or events promoted. No exceptions.
  • Shopping is open to anyone with an InterGalactic ConQuest 2019 badge.

Special Events (Role playing):

 Starfinder Society Scenario 2-00: Fate of the Scoured God

For levels 1-12: A divine herald raises an army in opposition to the rest of the galaxy. Heroes must stand together to oppose a growing evil from the Scoured Stars.
Released at Origins Game Fair, this multi-table interactive special is only available by special permission from the Paizo Organized Play Manager from Origins (in June) through GenCon (in August).

Special Events (Tournaments)