Flea Market

InterGalactic ConQuest Flea Markets: Friday at 9-10pm, Saturday at 6-7pm

ConQuest SAC Flea Market Policies

  • The selling of any appreciable quantity, in the sole opinion of the convention, of current products (either in or out of shrink wrap, freight-damaged, etc.) will not be allowed.
  • The sale of new currently available products is not allowed.
  • Please exercise good taste in the items you offer.
  • The convention reserves the right not to rent a flea market table.
  • All decisions of the convention are final.

Individuals judged in violation of these policies may be expelled, without refund or consideration, from the convention for the remainder of the event.
If you wish to sell anything at the convention, you must purchase either a dealer table, or a flea market table. All unauthorized sellers will be removed from the convention without a refund.

For Flea Market Setup you are allowed 30 minutes to setup, and 30 minutes to remove all items from the convention hall. Tables are limited. One table per badged seller. All persons at the convention must be badged, including all those assisting in the load in and load out of goods.