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Submitting Games and Events for ConQuest SAC

ConQuest SAC will feature hundreds of gamets over three days! What makes ConQuest SAC so much fun are these events run by dedicated game masters who bring their games to the community. Our event staff works with these GMs to bring some of the best games around to the show!

We are currently accepting submissions for games at ConQuest SAC. Table and slot availability are limited, so get your submission in for earliest consideration. Our first list of submitted and approved games should be ready around July 20, 2022!

Use this bright blue button to submit a game, panel, workshop, just about anything for the convention. This was created with games in mind, so just fill out the form as makes the most sense…we’ll figure it out! ūüôā

Signing up to play a game:

When you submit a game it will ask you for lots of information that will help players find your game. It will ask for the title of the game, number of hours you are running it, and when you are running it, as well as other information.
Games begin running each day at 9am. Once you have submitted your game, someone from the staff will contact you about your game. Sometimes, your submission is so straight forward, that they just send you an email confirming the information and your game. As we get closer to the convention, Administration Staff members (Mondo and Jackie) will see who qualifies for GM passes. You will receive no notification from Eventbrite like in years past, as we no longer input GM information into that system.
Once you arrive at the convention, you should head right over to registration and pick up your badge they will have there for you.
The convention halls will have registration tables with signup sheets for the games being offered over the weekend. These games are periodically put out throughout the weekend to give folks a chance to get into games.

The Organized Play Role Playing Games section runs their own event site through ‘Warhorn’. Once the site is populated with games, only folks who have paid their convention registration fees are allowed to sign up for games ahead of the show.

If you have any questions about the Event Submission process, please send them to events @ conquestsac dot com

Note: If you submit your game after the deadline of September 30, 2022, we may still be able to fit you into the convention, but you will not qualify for a GM pass. (You are welcome to run your game in Open Gaming.)
Event Submission  for GM badge: September 30, 2022 (or until we reach our cap for GMs.)
Event Submission for online Program Book: November 5, 2022

Program Staff:

Program Development Director: Gabriel Vega
Miniatures Field Marshal: Mike O’Brien
Euro/Family Board and Card: Lady Tracy Pinkelton
Wargames Commander (Historical Board Games): Mark Ruggiero
Role Playing Manager: Gabriel Vega
D&D Adventurer’s League¬†¬†Coordinator: Terry Owen
Pathfinder/Starfinder Coordinator: Klaus Kampfer