GM Guidelines

(1) You must submit a game before October 31, 2017.
(2) It must be approved and published by Convention Staff. (The time and day of the event is subject to change at any time before the convention.)
(3) You must meet all four of the following criteria.
(3a) You need to run a minimum of eight hours of games. (For non-collectible miniatures games, load-in and setup count as part of your commitment.)
(3b) Total player hours must be at least 36.
(3c) No one hour can have less than three players.
(3d) You, the GM, do not count as a player for player hours.
(4) You must be willing and capable of teaching the game to new players.
(5) You must be able to supply at your own expense the basic materials (game, dice, photocopies, etc.) for your game.
(6) You must be at least 18 years of age.
(7) You must submit a valid, verifiable email address, and legal name to the convention. Photo ID is required to pickup your GM
packet at the convention.
(8) If your game does not go (insufficient players) you may be required to do additional volunteer hours to make up for the lost hours at the sole discretion of the area coordinator.

By submitting your events to the convention, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
(1) You will begin and end your events at the time specified.
(2) You will allow only attendees with the appropriate badge to participate in your events.
(3) You will not move your events from their scheduled locations or occupy more space than allocated without the approval of the convention staff.
(4) You understand that running events at the convention does not make you an employee of convention.

Volunteers are needed to work many areas of the show. Working at least eight hours in one, or a combination, of these areas earns you a free admission for the entire convention.

GMs and Volunteers are not required to pay for their badge in advance if we know you. (See the above rules on how to qualify for your badge by GMing or Volunteering.) If you have already paid for your badge, and you later have a game you submitted (before October 31, 2017) and then approved, and we know you <for example, you have GM’d with us before, etc.> you must notify us and request a reimbursement no later than thirty days before the show date (October 17, 2017). Reimbursement will be offered in the form of a ticket for a future convention, or a current convention t-shirt. OTHER REIMBURSEMENTS WILL BE GIVEN ONSITE AFTER YOUR HOURS HAVE BEEN VERIFIED ON THE LAST DAY OF THE CONVENTION.
Please send reimbursement requests to Jackie at:
conquest dot jackie at gmail dot com

Loss of status may occur, at our discretion, if any of the following occur:
1) Missing volunteer assignments without notice and/or valid excuse, at this or previous conventions.
2) Legally lose the ability to work with or around children unsupervised.
3) Conduct unbecoming of a representative of the organization. This includes on-site and pre-show activities as well as social media behaviour.


If you have any questions about being a GM write the Program Manager at: events at pacificongameexpo dot com
If you would like to volunteer in registration, logistics, or convention services, please write Jackie at: conquest dot jackie at gmail dot com