Games Scheduled to Date 

ConQuest Test Lab – Come and play games that have not yet been published! Designers are attending our Test Lab and bringing with them prototypes of games they have in development! They want you to come and play them, and then let them know what you liked and did not like about the game! It’s a great room hosted by protospiel published designers John Shulters and Sarah Graybill!

SacTrek Gaming Track – More games are being submitted that have a sci/fi theme to them. Here is the list to date!
E-124: Star Trek Fluxx
E-125: Star Trek Fluxx
E-126: Star Trek Catan
ML-103: Galactic Debate (Cosmocracy)
E-106: Star Trek Trivia Pursuit VCR Game
E-105: Star Trek TNG: Interactive VCR Board Game
R-112: Pigs In Space
E-104: Star Trek Panic
E-101: Star Trek Scabble

Games University

Flea Market – Do you have old games that need a new home? Well, you can purchase a table for an hour and sell those games off to make room for new ones at our Flea Market! Then you can take your loot to the Vendor Hall and bring a new game home with you! The Flea Market takes place on Saturday of the convention at 6pm.

Guest Artist: Miles Maria