ConQuest Avalon is a collaborative effort of many folks in the community who work hard to bring you the best in gaming!


Gabriel “Mondo” Vega – Show Producer
Jackie Epner – Administrative Director
Sarah Lyon – Convention Services Director
“Lord” Kevin Ellingson – Board Games Manager
“Commander” Mark Ruggiero – Wargames Manager
Dave “Captain Pacificon” Partak – Miniatures Manager
Curtis “Captain Nice” Lyon – Role Playing Manager
Brent Holstberry – Pathfinder Society Coordinator
Ken Bartrum – Adventurer’s League Coordinator
Mike O’Brien – Special Events Coordinator
Tracy Pinkleton – Board Games Coordinator
Michael Howe – Board Games Assistant
Don Delis – Program Assistant
Jenn Young – Program Assistant
Joseph Riddle – Program Assistant

Contact us:
Vendors and Flea Market Tables: Sarah Lyon
Volunteers: Jackie Epner
Special Programming: Gabriel “Mondo” Vega
Hotel & Transportation Issues: Armando Equis Blake
Pathfinder Society: Brent Holtsberry
D&D Adventurer’s League: Ken Bartrum

November 11-13, 2016